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Auction Transportation Services

Running an auction business means orchestrating the movement of hundreds of vehicles with the utmost precision. One delay, miscommunication, or misunderstanding can lose your business, the seller, and the buyer money. Having the right logistics and auction vehicle transport partner is crucial, which is where Convoy comes in.

Convoy Car Shipping has an extensive carrier network and advanced technology capabilities to efficiently ship inbound and outbound vehicles to ensure your auction business runs smoothly.

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Auto Auction Transport for the Right Price

Convoy excels at auto auction transport, including online marketplaces, physical auctions, and specialty and independent auctions.

Our auction shipping services team understands the value of personalized service, which is why we happily provide services that align with your business methods, hours of operation, car location strategy, gate pass procedure, and regulations.

We offer market-driven pricing that analyzes surplus vs. demand, seasonality, and historical trends to generate competitive rates. We also provide contract or custom set prices that fit your needs.

Single unit shipping experts

Convoy is well versed in single-unit shipments with pickup and delivery capacity to haul around the corner or nationwide. Whether you’re shipping one vehicle or hundreds, Convoy’s scalable capacity strives for fast response times with expert carriers and lower transit times than other auction vehicle transport companies.

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Nationwide shipping services

Our extensive network of 20,000+ carriers undergo stringent vetting to ensure they are qualified to ship your vehicles safely and securely. These independent owner-operators work nationwide and are evaluated and monitored regularly to confirm they maintain all safety and insurance requirements. Our carriers respect and understand the strict protocols they must follow within the auction industry.

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Cutting-edge technology for efficiency & speed

Convoy integrates with your auction software for greater visibility and seamless booking on all orders. In one platform, you can unload more quickly, reduce your billing cycle, and improve accuracy thanks to technological features like a digital Bill of Lading and electronic proof of delivery.

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How Convoy Helps Your Auction Business

Solution-based services

We work with your operation team, business leaders, and sales representatives to improve overall transparency and service levels. We can compare our prices and services to others to prove the value we provide.

All-in-one shipping

No matter the location, Convoy delivers premium service so you can maximize your time and grow your business. We are your one-stop car shipping solution, with multiple trailer options and the expertise to handle all vehicles, including powersports, motorcycles, trucks, classic, luxury, and recreational vehicles, for a stress-free experience every time.

Extensive carrier network

Our vetted carriers are experts at long-distance shipments, allowing you to extend your reach nationwide. Our auction team works with you to establish a carrier network for reliable service that improves the efficiency of your operation.

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Are You Happy With Your Auction Vehicle Transport Service?

Are you ready to switch to one of the nation’s most trusted auto shipping companies? 40% of vehicles purchased from auctions are sent to dealerships 150+ miles away from their purchase location. If your auto transport company isn’t providing exceptional responsiveness and capacity, it’s time to switch to Convoy.

Benefits of Convoy's Auction Shipping Services


Convoy has the experience necessary for seamless auto shipping, with hundreds of shipments every day, 365 days a year. We can safely transport any vehicle nationwide.


We use cutting-edge technological systems to ensure a convenient and enjoyable auto transport experience for our customers. We help you build your business through innovation and service.


Our commitment to innovation propels our customers to success. We utilize features like the Convoy Car Shipping Calculator to provide instant quotes and our Live Chat portal for expedited assistance when you need it.


Thanks to our network of 20,000+ carriers, customer assistance experts, and logistics team, Convoy has the expertise and capacity to respond to any need.

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What Our Clients Say

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Frequently asked questions

Can I ship a modified or oversized vehicle?

Yes, thanks to our extensive network of expert carriers, we happily ship any size vehicle nationwide. However, to provide exceptional service, please call our Shipping Advisors for a custom quote based on the vehicle’s dimensions. You cannot generate a quote on our online calculator for modified or oversized vehicles since it only accommodates standard cars’ specifications and sizes.

No, we only need the keys and the vehicle for shipping.

At Convoy, we provide multiple ways to receive a quote for vehicle shipping. Our Convoy Car Shipping Calculator provides an instant quote online with only the vehicle’s type, pickup and delivery location, and pickup date. You can also call our Shipping Advisors at 717-227-7447 or use our Live Chat for a fast quote you can trust.

Yes, all we need is the zip code and city to book an order if you don’t know your pickup or delivery location.

Booking your shipment as soon as possible will allow us to meet your specific requirements. We suggest scheduling a shipment no earlier than 2 to 3 weeks prior to pickup if possible. For rush orders, we offer expedited shipping services. Our Shipping Advisors are happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right shipping service to match your schedule.

Yes, we accept credit card payments for the full shipping cost. For online orders, you can pay the full balance when you book your service or on the phone with our Shipping Advisors. You can also choose to pay a deposit through a credit card and use cash on delivery for the remaining balance.

Transit times for shipments vary on many factors, most noticeably the total distance from pickup to delivery locations. Typically, one day is added for every 500 miles. So, for a 1,000-mile trip, the transport time is between 2 and 3 days. Our Shipping Advisors can provide an estimated delivery time for your order.

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