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Using our extensive network of vetted carriers, we ensure secure and dependable interstate car shipping services across the nation. Transport your vehicle between states door to door with confidence, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

The most popular auto shipping method

Open trailer shipping is our most popular and economical auto shipping service. When you choose open trailer transport, your vehicle is shipped door-to-door on a secured open trailer carrier. It's common to see these haulers traveling along the highway, delivering vehicles to dealerships nationwide.

The most cost-effective and inexpensive way to ship a car safely nationwide

Open trailer transport is the gold standard for car shipping, thanks to its affordability and flexibility to transport vehicles nationwide.

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What is open carrier car shipping?

Open trailer auto shipping is the most affordable and popular way to ship a vehicle to any location. It features an open trailer that hauls several vehicles simultaneously, making it an excellent and inexpensive option for car owners, manufacturers, and dealerships. Open trailer shipping has many benefits, but there are some risks involved.

For long-distance transport, open trailer shipping is the ideal choice, with the ability to travel hundreds and even thousands of miles. Since multiple cars are being transported at once, it is more affordable than other shipping methods, offering significant savings. Open trailer shipping is also highly flexible, offering a wide range of pickup and drop-off times and locations to fit any need.

Open trailer shipping remains the preferred transport option for manufacturers, dealers, and individuals. It’s perfect for car owners looking for an affordable and reliable way to ship their vehicle long distances, move it to a new location, or transport a car purchased at an auction. It’s also the preferred choice for car manufacturers and dealerships requiring large load capacities.

The price for open trailer auto transport can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on weather, distance, vehicle type, and more. Auto shipping brokers can provide quotes and facilitate the shipping process. These companies employ professionals who work with the customer and carrier, ensuring safe deliveries of all vehicles.

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Benefits of open transport car shipping

When shipping a vehicle, there are two popular options: open and enclosed trailer transport. Enclosed trailer shipping is generally used for classic or exotic cars that require added security, while open trailer transport is perfect for most shipping needs. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing open-trailer shipping for your vehicle.

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1. Cost-efficiency - cheap car shipping

One of the reasons open carrier car transport is so popular is its affordability. Since one trailer can haul multiple vehicles simultaneously, the cost per car is significantly lower than an enclosed trailer, which can only carry a small handful of vehicles at once. The inexpensive lower price makes open trailer shipping more attractive for those looking to ship their car on a budget. How much can open trailer shipping save? If you are shipping your car across the country in an enclosed trailer, you could expect to pay $1,000 or more for the service. With an open trailer hauler, the same distance may only cost around $500 to $800. These savings add up quickly, especially when facing additional expenses that come with a move.

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2. Availability

Another benefit of open trailer transport is its flexible availability. Since there are more open trailer haulers than enclosed, finding a carrier that matches your schedule is easier. This availability is especially beneficial for emergency or short-notice shipping or during busy seasons and holidays. Open trailer shipping is especially popular with snowbirds who travel to warmer regions during the winter. Since thousands of people generally ship their vehicles during these times, finding a carrier can be challenging if you choose an enclosed trailer. With an open trailer hauler, carriers are readily available, so your car can arrive safely and on time.

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3. Flexibility

Open trailer shipping offers more flexibility than enclosed trailers. For example, many oversized vehicles can’t fit inside an enclosed trailer, making an open trailer your best option. Additionally, since an open trailer can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, you can easily ship all of your cars at the same time. This flexibility is perfect for those with a large fleet of cars, like collectors, who have dozens of classic cars spread throughout the country. Shipping each car separately would be impractical and expensive, but with open trailer transport, all cars fit securely onto one hauler, making it easy to ship them all safely for less money. Opting for open vehicle transport also allows you request top load preference for a small additional fee. This ensures that no other vehicle will be loaded above yours during the open car shipping process.

4. Better visibility

Another important benefit open trailer transport offers is increased visibility of your vehicle. Since this method uses an open-air hauler, it’s easier for the carrier to inspect the vehicles during transport. Furthermore, the increased visibility acts as a theft deterrent for added peace of mind. Many people shipping luxury vehicles appreciate the safety and security open trailer transport offers, but it’s ideal for all car makes and models. You can also take advantage of real-time tracking, which keeps you informed on your vehicle’s location every step of the way.

How much does it cost to ship a car with an open transport?

DistanceTransport TypeAvg. cost per mileDistance estimatePrice estimate
0 - 500 milesOpen transport$1.10500 miles$550
500 - 1000 milesOpen transport$1.00750 miles$750
1000 - 1500 milesOpen transport$0.851000 miles$850
1500 - 2000 milesOpen transport$0.701500 miles$1050
2000 - 2500+ milesOpen transport$0.552000 miles$1100

*The average cost per mile listed in the table above estimates based on current market conditions at the time and are subject to change due to cost of gas, pick-up/drop-off locations, seasonal fluctuations, condition of vehicle, etc.

Difference between Open & Enclosed auto shipping

Transporting a vehicle can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Before you plan your shipment, it’s important to understand the difference between the two most popular transport options.

Open vehicle transport

Open trailer auto transport

Open trailer auto shipping transports vehicles in an open-air hauler so they are exposed to elements like rain, dust, and wind. This method is the most popular and affordable and perfect for those shipping vehicles short and long distances. Car dealerships, rental companies, and individuals often choose open trailer shipping since it’s the most affordable and convenient way to transport one or multiple vehicles. It also allows for multiple drop-off locations without incurring significant fees. Open trailer transport is ideal for shipping all vehicle models, including minivans, SUVs, and sedans, affordably. Since there are multiple cars on each hauler, the shipping price per vehicle is significantly lower than other auto shipping methods making it the cheap car transport option.

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Enclosed trailer auto transport

With an enclosed trailer, vehicles are transported inside a closed trailer, which offers protection from weather and debris. It is the safest transportation method and is ideal for shipping luxury, classic, and exotic cars. Dealerships, car collectors, and enthusiasts often choose an enclosed trailer to transport rare or expensive vehicles since they require specialized care during shipping. Enclosed trailer shipping offers the highest level of protection for your vehicle and is often used for luxury cars like Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris since they are expensive and demand specialized treatment and care during transport. For anyone seeking unmatched peace of mind during shipping, enclosed trailer transport is the perfect option.

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Frequently asked questions

What does open transport mean?
Open transport is a shipping method that uses an open-air trailer to haul vehicles to specified locations. Examples of open trailers include roll-on/roll-off ships, open trailers, and flatbed trucks. Open transport haulers are often used for heavy, bulky, and large vehicles that can’t fit inside an enclosed container or trailer. Open carrier car shipping is generally more affordable than enclosed varieties, but the vehicles are more susceptible to damage from debris and weather.

Open transport is the most commonly used shipping method, with two hauler options. Most long-distance shipments use 8 to 10 car carriers, while smaller 2 to 3 car haulers are preferred for short distances. Additionally, there is a larger network of available open trailer carriers since they are more common. Enclosed trailer haulers are preferred when shipping exotic, luxury, and classic vehicles since they offer maximum protection from the elements. We suggest booking an enclosed trailer in advance since carrier availability is limited.

Yes, you can place items in your car when shipping it but there are some guidelines you must follow. You are only allowed to store up to 100 lbs of belongings in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle during shipping. It is important to secure these items in a box or suitcase. If you want to include belongings please provide an estimated weight when booking your auto transport. This will help us provide you with an all-inclusive price.

There are legal regulations for transporting items in your car when using vehicle transportation services. The front seats and front seat floorboards should be empty and free of any items. Similarly, the backseat and backseat floorboards should also be clear unless you have received a rate for placing items. It is not permitted to ship anything outside the vehicle on a transport trailer according to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations which all auto shipping companies must comply with. However, additional items such as an engine or transmission can be shipped in an enclosed auto transport trailer if they are securely crated.

For vehicle shipments to/from Hawaii, the above information does not apply. Shipping any personal items inside the vehicle is prohibited. If such items are discovered, the port will reject the vehicle. The only exception to this rule is children’s car seats.

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